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4/21/2006 11:48:48 AM

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Media Myths

Taxation with Misrepresentation

A tax dollar by any other name spends as sweetly, but the networks dont always call attention to the fact that Joe Taxpayer makes the country (and parts of the world) go round.

CNN Reporter: Union Strike Would Have Locked Up My Kids Bikes
Business contributor Andy Serwer shares how a doorman strike in NYC would have affected him.

Post Reports Global Warming Wont Be As Devastating As Predicted
After hinting that Earth could follow Venus in a warming trend, The Washington Post includes a new study that calms climate change rhetoric.

In the Midst of Warnings, Life Expectancy Increases
Positive story a welcome respite from fear-mongering on obesity and bird flu.

Alaska Pipeline Doomsayings Revisited
As PBS releases a special about the oil delivery system, the Free Market Project goes back in time to recall environmentalists pipe dream: stopping it.

Commentary - Movie Review
Too Hot Not to Handle
HBOs Earth Day global warming special is high-octane propaganda intent on changing Americas prosperous habits.

Why Are We Over a Barrel?
Networks blame big, bad oil but skip threats, taxes and increased demand.

Americans innocent, but guilty from eating
Journalists continue to pound people about diet, so is it any wonder we dont like food any more?

Time Special Plugs Eco Tourist Spa with Air Conditioning
Weeks earlier, the same magazine warned of dire consequences from greenhouse gases.

Networks Complain of Record-High Oil That Isnt
But reporters for The Washington Post, USA Today put prices in perspective.

Shocking News: The Economy Is Producing Good Jobs
Christian Science Monitor reveals what most economists have known for years.

ABC Makes Time for First-Person Attack on Oil Firms
World News Tonight provides a forum for one mans complaint about being gouged.

Wash. Post Ignores Uncle Sams Monopoly in Wyoming
Paper blames rich for crowding out middle class residents even though government owns 97 percent of the land.

Post Promotes Author of Anti-Wal-Mart Book
Reporter joins chain store critic in attacking Wal-Marts low prices.

Vanity Fair Declares Global Warming Threat Graver than Terrorism
Magazines special Green Issue a vehicle for liberal environmental advocacy.

Media Myths

Hugo the Boss
Media criticize greed of energy executives, but go easy on Venezuelas oil strongman
While reporters warned of the dangers of foreign firms running American ports, ABC, CBS and NBC paid little attention to Hugo Chavez and his latest threats to hurt the United States.

Free Market Project

On Earth Day, hope for the environment (CS Monitor)

Dan Mitchell: Competitiveness means less government, not more (Heritage)

The Greenhouse Myth (Fox News)

Scientists cool outlook on global warming (Wash. Times)

Dr. Robert C. Balling Jr: Too Hot Not So Hot

G. Tracy Mehan: Have a sunny Earth Day (Am. Spectator)

The trial of Sarbanes-Oxley (The Economist)


Since President Bush is complacent about conventional risks from climate change, let's try fear-mongering.

Nicholas Kristof

Staff Photo by
The New York Times

--Columnist Nicholas D. Kristof in the April 18, 2006 New York Times.




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