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News on the Web - January 2006

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Friday, February 10

  • Where are the manufacturing jobs going? (National Assn of Manufacturers)
  • Traffic tax lacks support, poll says (Wash. Times)
  • Stop worrying about the trade deficit (TCS)
  • Strong demand greets return of the long bond (Wash. Post)
  • Toyota hopes full-size truck steals Big Three sales (El Paso Times)
  • Oil prices edge lower on rising US energy stockpiles (AFX News)
  • Low-fat diet myth busted (Fox News)

Thursday, February 9

  • The Big Easy? Now its limbo land (Wash Post)
  • Greenspan upbeat on economy at private events (Reuters)
  • Social Security tax rises with inflation (Wash Times)
  • Meg Kreikemeier: Strong Economy, Weak Coverage (TCS)
  • Iain Murray: Beware false profits (NRO)
  • Ethanol, boon to farms, won't cure oil addiction (Bloomberg)
  • Thomas Sowell: Myths of rich and poor (Townhall)
  • Larry Elder: Those @%# tax cuts! (Townhall)

Wednesday, February 8

  • Retailers challenge Wal-Mart law in Md. (Baltimore Sun)
  • South Korea and U.S. start talks on free trade pact (NY Times)
  • EU violated trade rules over GMO foods (Reuters)
  • State tax burdens jump across the nation (AP)
  • Red flag for CBS Teflon story (Stats at GMU)
  • About that jobless recovery (Chicago Tribune)
  • Walter E. Williams: Bogus rights (Townhall)
  • Glenn Reynolds : No nukes is good nukes? (TCS)

Tuesday, February 7

  • Bernanke sworn in as Fed chairman (AP)
  • The Che Cachet (Wash. Post)
  • Hugo Chavez threatens U.S. on oil (Fox News)
  • Russian expert predicts global cooling from 2012 (MosNews)
  • Corn power put to the test (NY Times)
  • Indian president proposes Asia-Oceania trade bloc (AFP)
  • Income relativism (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
  • Another pro-growth jobs report (NRO)
  • Tim Worstall: The American Social Model (TCS)

Monday, February 6

  • U.S. payrolls grew by 193,000 in January (AP)
  • Trade ruling is expected to favor biotech food (NY Times)
  • The land of leisure (The Economist)
  • Cheers as world economic growth stages strong recovery (The Business Online)
  • Tax rates and revenues (Cato)
  • Don Boudreaux: The milk cartel (Caf Hayek)
  • Simon Taylor: The essential Austrian (TCS)
  • Woodpecker racket? (Fox News)

Friday, February 3

  • Unemployment rate declines in January (AP)
  • GM Seeks to Cut Costs in IT Deals (New York Times)
  • Addicted to What? (TCS)
  • Chips hit record revenue: Electronic gadgets help boost sales by 6.8% in 2005 (San Francisco Chronicle)
  • Retailers report strong January sales growth (Financial Times)

Thursday, February 2

  • Pat Cleary: For Lou Dobbs, it's always Groundhog Day (Red State)
  • Ben Bernanke sworn in as 14th Fed chairman (AP)
  • Gift cards, weather boost retail sales (Reuters)Unemployment rate declines in January
  • Energy chiefs eye oil off Cuba (AP)
  • Congress scraps cotton subsidy (BBC)
  • US dollar picks up strength (AFP)
  • Sir Alan, Britain's newest economic adviser (Wash Post)
  • We've lost our fear of hellfire, but put climate change in its place (Telegraph)

Wednesday, February 1

  • Republicans under the gun over Exxon? (TimesWatch)
  • Six suggestions for tax savings (MSNBC)
  • Backstory: Banking on Bernanke (CS Monitor)
  • U.S. green diesel rules may hit supply, raise prices (Reuters)
  • Oil bashing, round two (Opinion Journal)
  • Busting the state tax-revenue boom (NRO)
  • Dr. Roy Spencer: Global warming science, or policy? (TCS)
  • Hansen Revisited (World Climate Report)
  • Walter E. Williams: Corporate courage (Townhall)

Tuesday, January 31

  • Greenspan's legacy: uncommon insight (MSNBC)
  • Bird 'flu in India: Policies that kill (Campaign for Fighting Diseases)
  • European stocks head for best January in 8 Years; BP Leads (Bloomberg)
  • From fear to euphoria (BusinessWeek)
  • Lets stop defaming diesels (BusinessWeek)
  • Richard Teather: Praise be to tax competition! (Mises)
  • Blame contracts for Ford's layoffs (Republican American)
  • David Henderson: The treatment by governments of climate change issues (SEPP)

Monday, January 30

  • Greenspan, another monument in Washington, prepares to leave (NY Times)
  • Backstory: Eco-vigilantes: All in 'The Family?' (CS Monitor)
  • Me and my motors: David Bellamy (Times Online)
  • The Fix-It Myth (Wash Post)
  • Income Relativism (NRO)
  • More crazy Teflon coverage (Stats at GMU)
  • Greenspan critics are off base on his legacy (Bloomberg)
  • Tim Worstall: My kind of economist (TCS)

Friday, January 27

  • Savings accounts for health costs attract Wall Street (NY Times)
  • FDA may make breathing difficult for asthmatics (Fox News)
  • Skepticism greeted Greenspan, too (USA Today)
  • Davos trade ministers talk tough (BBC)
  • Will Kyoto die at Canadian hands? (BBC)
  • David Hogberg: Nanny Knows Best (Am. Spectator)
  • Daniel Henninger: Whence Abramoff? (Opinion Journal)
  • Uncle Milties ugly Fed lesson (TCS)

Thursday, January 26

  • Durable goods orders at all-time high in 2005 (AP)
  • BB&T opposes eminent domain (Wash. Times)
  • Chicagoans flock to Wal-Mart jobs (Chicago Sun Times)
  • The great Alberta oil rush (BBC)
  • China the toast of a free market (AFP)
  • The pirates of profit (Townhall)
  • Im proud to be a coal miners grandson (TCS)
  • Hard Line State (Opinion Journal)
  • Is the cell phone scare finally over? (Townhall)

Wednesday, January 25

  • Officials hope for WTO progress (Wash. Times)
  • Disney to buy Pixar Studios in its move to a digital era (Wash. Post)
  • Greenspan, 'Rock Star of Economics,' bows out (ABC News)
  • Greens urge move away from 'doom and gloom' approach (
  • Wal-Mart and the everyday job creators (NRO)
  • Jacob Sullum: Dora the Exploiter (Reason)
  • John Luik: Sponge Bob, Wide Pants? (TCS)
  • Walter E. Williams: In government we trust (Townhall)

Tuesday, January 24

  • A supermarket war in store (Business Week)
  • RPT - Natural gas off almost 8%, ends near an eight-month low (AFX)
  • Economy's leading indicators edge higher (AP)
  • It's the euro's fault, many Europeans say (IHT)
  • Trust chemicals, beware of nature (The Observer)
  • The war on Wal-Mart (Chicago Tribune)
  • Andrew Ferguson: Can deregulating toilets revive Republicans? (Bloomberg)
  • Thomas Sowell: Political corruption (Townhall)

Monday, January 23

  • Greenspan's exit from the Fed will be low-key (USA Today)
  • Fed's Poole says inflation stable, suggests rate increases may end soon (Bloomberg)
  • Why America has to be fat (Wash. Post)
  • The oil sands of Alberta (CBS)
  • Thomas DiLorenzo: The union conspiracy against Wal-Mart workers (Mises)
  • How to cure pork (Opinion Journal)
  • Doron Levin: Pump ethanol? First make it cheaper than gasoline (Bloomberg)
  • Dr. Roy Spencer: Dr. Death and Mother Gaia (TCS)

Friday, January 20

  • George F. Will: Shoplifting as governance (Wash. Post)
  • You can be too careful (Reason)
  • Food police indict SpongeBob (Fox News)
  • Hong Kong engages in more tax competition (Heritage)
  • Iain Murray: No future in Kyoto dreaming (Amer. Spectator)
  • Still morning in America (Opinion Journal)
  • Dave Cloud: The myth of the level playing field (Townhall)
  • Kudlow: Low-Tax Tiger (Kudlows Money Politic$)

Thursday, January 19

  • Bring back the Golden Fleece (Fox News)
  • Fed report: Economic activity continues to expand (AP)
  • U.S. Treasuries fall as jobless claims decline to the lowest since 2000 (Bloomberg)
  • Vietnam closer to joining WTO (Wash Times)
  • EPA: Katrina didn't scatter toxins (The Sun Herald)
  • Why the sky isn't falling (Money)
  • South Korea's president wants free trade pact with US (AFP)
  • The attack of the union demagogues (NRO)
  • Alan Reynolds: Below the minimum wage (Townhall)

Wednesday, January 18

  • Ford: Sales in China rose 46 percent (AP)
  • Pain, yes, but not terminal (CNN)
  • Europe's young economies are still drawing investors (IHT)
  • Consumer prices in U.S. drop for second month; 2005's core rate unchanged (Bloomberg)
  • Time to say 'hello' to a computer phone? (CS Monitor)
  • Is the report linking the extinction of frogs with global warming a scientifically balanced conclusion? (Climate Science)
  • The new space race (Forbes)
  • John Stossel: Myth: Schools don't have enough money (Townhall)
  • Walter E. Williams: Attacking lobbyists wrong battle (Townhall)
  • Tim Worstall: Wage against the machine (TCS)

Tuesday, January 17

  • Singapore plans to lift ban on U.S. beef (AP)
  • Dock workers attack European Parliament (Wash. Times)
  • In Hawaii, deep split on biotech  (IHT)
  • Teeing up the next Kelo? (Heritage)
  • Arnold Kling: Liberals should know better (TCS)
  • What is the I.R.S. trying to hide? (NY Times)
  • Dave Barry puts humorous spin on economy (USA Today)

Monday, January 16

  • FHA loosens rules, lowers barriers (Wash. Post)
  • Treasuries post weekly gain after producer price and retail sales reports (Bloomberg)
  • After setback, what's next for vouchers? (CS Monitor)
  • Vietnam, US start critical WTO talks in Hanoi (AFP)
  • Putting the worst face on cosmetic safety (Stats at GMU)
  • Carla Howell: Big government is even bigger than you think (Lew Rockwell)
  • Brendan Miniter: Take our money, please! (Opinion Journal)
  • John Berlau: Sarbanes-Oxley vs. the free press (Reason)

Friday, January 13

  • Maryland forces Wal-Mart to pay more for employees' health care (CNS News)
  • Despite its flaws, Dow remains dominant (MSNBC)
  • Plants bad for the environment? Celebrities causing frogs to croak? (Fox News)
  • South Korea, U.S. reach deal on beef (AP)
  • Beware how you meddle with climate change (Financial Times)
  • Walter E. Williams: Tax cut beneficiaries (Townhall)
  • Daniel Akst: Green house gasbags (Opinion Journal)
  • Herman Cain: Lies and flies (Townhall)
  • Joel Schwartz: EPAs faith-based pollution standards (TCS)

Thursday, January 12

  • Mine operator: Company completed improvements (AP)
  • Hostility greets Katrina recovery plan (Wash. Post)
  • Good riddance to pensions (Fortune)
  • GM crops make inroads in developing economies (Financial Times)
  • The path to lower gas prices: Free trade (Mises)
  • Michael Lewis: Eliot Spitzer exposes Wall Street's tiny jewels (Bloomberg)
  • Thomas Sowell: Education: then and now (Townhall)
  • Jumping to conclusions: Frogs, global warming and nature (World Climate Report)

Wednesday, January 11

  • Advocate blasts IRS for freezing refunds (MSNBC)
  • U.S. Treasury's Snow: Economy growing well (Reuters)
  • Free Flow: A long haul for open-skies crusader (IHT)
  • Wal-Mart says it created 125,000 jobs (Bloomberg)
  • Mark Steyn: Climate change myth (The Australian)
  • John M. Berry: Goldman Sachs Economist May Just Have THE Answer (Bloomberg)
  • John Merline: Mining the media distortions yields black gold (TCS)
  • John Stossel: Cheating the children (Townhall)

Tuesday, January 10

  • Dow tops 11,000; First time since 01 (NY Times)
  • Nervous energy (The Economist)
  • Japan sees end to deflation curse (BBC)
  • Scientific tort fraud (
  • Jeffrey Tucker: The bureaucrat in your shower (Mises)
  • Thomas Sowell: Curing poverty or using poverty? (Townhall)
  • Bruce Bartlett: Changing the culture of Congress (Townhall)
  • Barrynomics, or a road to funny money (NY Times)

Monday, January 9

  • Weather has become bogeyman, news staple (AP)
  • Bank heads happy at world economy (BBC)
  • Ice cores show warming 'natural' (The Weekend Australian)
  • The best and worst states for taxes (MSN)
  • Poverty now comes with a color TV (CS Monitor)
  • Ben Lieberman: 2006: Cheaper at the pump? (TCS)
  • Kevin Hassett: Let's cut corporate taxes to create more jobs (Bloomberg)

Friday, January 6

  • Employers added 108,000 jobs in December (AP)
  • Soda-cancer link revealed as myth (LiveScience)
  • Europe warms to nuclear power (CS Monitor)
  • India clears regional free trade (BBC)
  • Maximum deception (Pittsburgh Tribune Review)
  • Energy, a potent political weapon (Fox News)
  • Marian L. Tupy: Free trade benefits all (Cato)
  • Instead of raising stamp rates, the USPS should cut costs (CS Monitor)

Thursday, January 5

  • Jobless claims in U.S. fall 35,000 to 291,000, lowest since September 2000 (Bloomberg)
  • Spending for 2004 was up 5 percent (Wash. Post)
  • Retail data see respectable holiday season (AP)
  • Crescent City comeback: New Orleans' port revived (AP)
  • Thomas Sowell: Green lies (Townhall)
  • Arnold Kling: The Materialism Fallacy (TCS)
  • Wish they all could be like Estonia (Opinion Journal)

Wednesday, January 4

  • Cold snap raises issues when biodiesel gels up (USA Today)
  • Fed minutes power a New Year rally (Wash. Post)
  • Battle over property rights goes on, despite ruling (CS Monitor)
  • US think-tank rates Hong Kong and Singapore world's freest economies (AFP)
  • Bye-Bye, Kyoto (Forbes)
  • Walter Williams: Poverty hype (Wash.Times)
  • Bruce Bartlett: Minimum wage ACORN roots (Wash.Times)
  • Six Asian themes to keep an eye on in 2006 (Bloomberg)

Tuesday, January 3

  • China's plans for energy suffer a capitalist setback (IHT)
  • Hyundai expects strong sales rise (BBC)
  • Hipper Than BMI (Wash Post)
  • Petrodollars are helping keep U.S. economy stable (Bloomberg)
  • Japan seeks free trade pacts with India, Australia, China (AFP)
  • World set to get the show on the road (Reuters)
  • Jerry Taylor and Peter Van Doren: Running on Empty (NY Times)
  • Michael Barone: The Wal-Mart model (Townhall)
  • Holman W. Jenkins: The Real 'Energy Crisis' (Opinion Journal)