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News on the Web - September 2005

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Friday, September 30

  • How to help hurricane victims (USAT)

  • Americans interrupt lives to help hurricane victims (USAT)

  • Where to find $200 billion to pay for Katrina (C.S. Monitor)

  • What can Wal-Mart teach FEMA about disaster response? (ABC News)

  • Gauging the gas gouging after hurricanes (ABC News)

  • Michelle Malkin: Dumpster-digging Democrats (Wash.Times)

  • EPA rules raise gas prices (Fox News)

Thursday, September 29

  • Economy was in good shape before hurricanes (AP)

  • Michael Crichton, novelist, becomes Senate witness (NYT)

  • Hurricanes spark spending free-for-all (NBC)

  • Jobless claims plunge (Reuters)

  • Tomas Brandberg: Manure vs. Machine (TCS)

  • Anne Applebaum: Corruption as Usual (Wash.Post)

Wednesday, September 28

  • Oil reserves are double previous estimates, says Saudi (Independent)

  • Gasoline hikes halt (CNN Money)

  • Durable goods see biggest rise in 3 months (AP)

  • Global warming: Assumption function (TCS)

  • Wal-Mart: A point of light (Am. Spectator)

Tuesday, September 27

  • U.S. weapons, foreign flavor (NYT)

  • Hybrids: Don't buy the hype (CNN Money)

  • Quotas: much ado, little gain (IHT)

  • Claims against Teflon simply don't stick (Townhall)

  • Dick Armey: A hurricane relief formula (Wash.Times)

Monday, September 26

  • Houston returning to normalcy after Rita (AP)

  • High gas prices changing auto market (Reuters)

  • Retail gas prices drop 20 cents nationwide (AP)

  • Nasty hurricane season merely part of a cycle (Wash.Times)

  • World Bank head urges trade pact for poor (Bloomberg)

  • Star Parker: Let's have some new thinking on fighting poverty (Townhall)

Friday, September 23

  • Oil companies prep for hurricane; prices drop (USAT)

  • Wal-Mart prepares for 2nd hurricane (USAT)

  • Study disproves antibacterial soap scare (Fox News)

  • Cities bursting at seams with excess used clothes (USAT)

  • All the king's men cannot save New Orleans (WSJ)

Thursday, September 22

  • Scientists: cut air travel for environment (AP)

  • United CEO calls for airline deregulation (AP)

  • Border policy is pinching farmers (LAT)

  • A tidal wave of tariffs (Foreign Policy)

  • Alan Reynolds: Unreal wages (Townhall)

Wednesday, September 21

  • Explaining the rise in hurricane activity (MSNBC)

  • IMF: High oil prices aren't slowing global output much (Dow Jones)

  • Hurricane Katrina changes the pace and face of giving (CS Monitor)

  • Bipartisan support for eminent domain reform (Fox News)

  • Herman Cain: Economic Deception (Townhall)

  • Walter Williams: Is it permissible? (Townhall)

Tuesday, September 20

  • Katrina donations pass $1 billion mark (AP)

  • Gas prices fall, but storm worries send oil soaring (USAT)

  • Recovery from disasters possible (Wash.Times)

  • The Millennium Sham (TCS)

  • Peter Hannaford: A flat-tax primer (Wash.Times)

Monday, September 19

  • Donations swamp charity groups (Wash.Times)

  • Gas prices continue downward (CNN Money)

  • Talks continue toward a U.S.-Andean trade pact (USAT)

  • Company wants to boldly go where no one has gone: Mars (AP)

  • Cutting tariffs will speed post-Katrina rebuilding (Heritage)

Thursday, September 15

  • Virgin entrepreneur plans oil refinery (Reuters)

  • Apocalypse in Central Park (TimesWatch)

  • Linking Katrina to 'global warming' called 'shameless' (CNSNews)

  • At U.N., Bush sets challenge on trade (Wash.Times)

  • Asbestos fund bars 9 doctors (NYT)

  • Thomas Sowell: FEMA versus Wal-Mart (Townhall)

Wednesday, September 14

  • When good will is also good business (NYT)

  • Port comes back early, surprisingly (Wash.Post)

  • Gas price decline continues (CNN Money)

  • Small Signs Of New Orleans Rebound (CBS News)

  • Walter Williams: The role of prices (Townhall)

Tuesday, September 13

  • New Zealand named best nation for business (NYT)

  • Corporate giving for Katrina reaches $547 million (USAT)

  • DOE: Avg gasoline price fell 11 cents after Katrina surge (Reuters)

  • Lawyers now suing over global warming (AIM)

  • Bill Murchison: Is more government really the answer? (Townhall)

Monday, September 12

  • Stocks extend rally as oil, gas prices fall (AP)

  • Hopelessness begins to lift in New Orleans (AP)

  • WTO negotiators to focus on agriculture (Reuters)

  • Four years after 9/11, New York is back (USAT)

  • James Glassman: Here's some good that pols can do (TCS)

Friday, September 9

  • Disaster victims: How to rebuild your financial life (USAT)

  • Businesses assess harm, start fixes (Wash.Times)

  • Gas prices continue to fall (CNN Money)

  • Louisiana’s legal system in shambles (NYT)

  • Steven Milloy: Global warmers recruit insurance industry (Fox)

Thursday, September 8

  • Gas prices continue decline (CNN Money)

  • In Biloxi, helping hands are private groups (CS Monitor)

  • Jobless claims fall 1,000 to 319,000 (MarketWatch)

  • Stephen Bainbridge: The invisible helping hand (TCS)

  • Jonathan Power: In economic growth, lots of company (IHT)

Wednesday, September 7

  • Katrina unlikely to derail national economy (MSNBC)

  • More states mull gas-tax breaks (CNN Money)

  • Americans race to give to charities (AP)

  • Walter Williams: Economic lunacy (Townhall)

  • Iain Murray: Gouging? No such thing. (TCS)

Tuesday, September 6

  • New Orleans struggles to pump out water (AP)

  • Katrina medical help held up by red tape (AP)

  • Houston finds business boom after Katrina (NYT)

  • Waves of evacuees swamp host cities (USAT)

  • Henry Miller: The FDA’s short dose of reality (Wash.Times)

Friday, September 2

  • Unemployment Rate Falls to 4.9%; 169,000 Jobs Added (AP)

  • Ben Lieberman: A Bad Response to Post-Katrina Gas Prices (Heritage)

  • Steven Milloy: Katrina Kicks Up Storm of Global Warming Debate (Fox)

  • Boeing Machinists Strike over Contract (MarketWatch)

  • Stars Step Up Hurricane Relief (E!Online)

Thursday, September 1

  •  Oil is holding steady at $69

  •  Boeing readies for a machinists strike

  •  BusinessWeek’s look at the aftermath of Katrina

  •  Even coffee prices are up due to the closed port

  •  Walter Williams on the recent gas hysteria