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News on the Web - October 2005

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Monday, October 31

  • Consumer spending bounces back in Sept. (AP)

  • Economic ties binding Japan to rival China (NYT)

  • Japan panel says U.S. beef is safe, trade to resume (Reuters)

  • IMF-World Bank in WTO talks plea (BBC)

  • Michael Fumento: Fill 'er up with oil sands! (TCS)

  • Avoid a VAT (Wash. Times)

Friday, October 28

  • Economy grows at an energetic rate in 3Q (AP)

  • Energy costs aren't bad news for everyone (Biz Journals)

  • EU offers sweeping tariff cuts (IHT)

  • 'Frivolous' suits could be costly (CBS)

  • When growth and social protections clash (Economist)

  • Steve Milloy: DDT is only real weapon to combat malaria (Fox)

  • Will the Internet become the UNTERNET? (TCS)

  • Alan Reynolds: This Is Tax Reform? (Cato)

Thursday, October 27

  • The oil shock with no pain (Newsweek)

  • Saudi Arabia to join WTO (Reuters)

  • House approves overhaul at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac (NY Times)

  • Bush backs budget cuts for storm aid (Wash.Times)

  • White House to reinstate wage rules (CNN)

  • Doug Bandow: Price Gouging in the Public Interest (Cato)

  • Alan Greenspan, the Gentle Persuader (Reason)

Wednesday, October 26

  • $125 billion in spending targeted (Wash Times)

  • D.C. Seizes 16 Owners' Property for Stadium (Wash Post)

  • Record energy prices breathe new life into push for offshore drilling (Knight Ridder)

  • Officials hope to lift logjam at trade talks (IHT)

  • Gas pains keep easing (CNN)

  • Bush tells Republicans he'll get tough on spending (Reuters)

  • Walter E. Williams: Ammunition for poverty pimps (Townhall)

  • Bruce Bartlett: Tax reform option (Wash Times)

  • John Stossel: Pigging out (Townhall)

Tuesday, October 25

  • Nominee to head Federal Reserve widely praised (Knight Ridder)

  • Gas prices are doing something crazy: Falling (USA Today)

  • Are unions the only hope for jobs for blacks? (TimesWatch)

  • Canada attacks US on wood tariffs (BBC)

  • World trade deal 'on knife edge' (BBC)

  • Herman Cain: Destruction from within (Townhall)

  • The tax reform trap (Am. Spectator)

Monday, October 24

  • Face globalisation or become “nothing,” EU chief tells Europe (AFP)

  • Nation's gasoline prices drop by 25 cents (Reuters)

  • Trade official finds blame to go around (NY Times)

  • WTO leader pessimistic about trade negotiations (USA Today)

  • Market Preview: Robust U.S. economy to weather the storm (FT)

  • Neil Hrab: The other important culture war (TCS)

  • Daniel Ikenson: Felling NAFTA (Am. Spectator)

Friday, October 21

  • Oil prices dip below $60 as supply fears ease (MSNBC)

  • Wilma Is Not Global Warming (Fox)

  • Europe Remains Divided on Farm Subsidies (NY Times)

  • Property rights conference will harness outrage (Wash Times)

  • House Passes Lawsuit Protection for Gun Industry (

  • Nations Blame E.U. For Stalling Trade Talks (Wash Post)

  • Uriah Kriegel: Between Jam and Jelly: Regulation as the Default State of Affairs (TCS)

  • Tanner and Cannon: Katrina's Medicaid Boondoggle (Cato)

Thursday, October 20

  • Obesity-lawsuit bill passes in House (Wash. Times)

  • Survey by Fed shows growth continuing (LA Times)

  • Allstate posts loss after hurricanes (LA Times)

  • Trade envoys gloomy on next meeting (IHT)

  • Peter Ferrara: Spending crisis curve (Wash. Times)

  • James Pinkerton: The Andromeda Strategy (TCS)

Wednesday, October 19

  • FEMA official: End subsidies for flood insurance (USA Today)

  • European ministers meet as Roche expands flu drug production (Bloomberg)

  • Bush’s panel rejects plan for national sales tax (AP)

  • UAW asks court to approve pact with GM (AP)

  • Bush backs EU efforts to cut agricultural subsidies (IHT)

  • Walter Williams: A nation of sheeple (Townhall)

  • Brendan Miniter: Can they cut it? (WSJ)

Tuesday, October 18

  • Retailers bulk up to rebuild the Gulf Coast (AP)

  • U.S. appeal in tobacco case denied (LA Times)

  • Economy seems to be weathering storms (MSNBC)

  • Less paper, but fewer deductions (USA Today)

  • France moves to stop more EU farm aid cuts (IHT)

  • Thomas Sowell: Random thoughts (Townhall)

  • Duane D. Freese: Blowing in the wind (TCS)

Monday, October 17

  • U.S., China hash out economics (AP)

  • EU said to falter on farm trade (Wash.Times)

  • An optimistic voice for deal on farm aid (NYT)

  • Snow says China moving to flexible yuan (Reuters)

  • France's economic model showing signs of stress (LA Times)

  • Bush starts to bat for free trade (C.S. Monitor)

  • Alex M. Brill: Will the real global economic threat please stand up? (TCS)

Friday, October 14

  • WTO chief says compromise needed in trade talks, signs of EU row appear (AFP)

  • "How Did Things Get This Bad?" Blame Capitalism (TimesWatch)

  • What Arctic Warming? (Fox News)

  • Tax code makeover: More modest, less rad (CNN)

  • Christian Science Monitor: Raising the retirement age

Thursday, October 13

  • Court blocks Spitzer inquiry into loan data (NYT)

  • Inter-Korea trade to reach $1 billion (IHT)

  • Gas prices keep coming down (CNN Money)

  • Latest round of Sino-US textile talks fails to reach accord (AFP)

  • Criticism flies in WTO talks (AFP)

  • Hybrid buyer's guide (Forbes)

  • Thomas Sowell: Spoiled brat politics: Part II (Townhall)

Wednesday, October 12

  • Trade ministers end meeting without breakthrough (Reuters)

  • Average gas prices drop 8 cents over past week (Reuters)

  • Apparel firms hope textile dispute ends (LAT)

  • Greenspan: Flexibility crucial to economy (AP)

  • G20 will table new subsidy cut plan after US, EU move at WTO (AFP)

  • John Stossel: Let the free market be free (Townhall)

  • Slippery Teflon charges won't stick (TCS)

Tuesday, October 11

  • U.S., EU offer plans to reduce farm aid (LAT)

  • America tries to get things moving (Economist)

  • Gasoline, diesel prices retreat (CNN Money)

  • U. Md. economist wins 2005 Nobel award (Wash.Times)

  • Possible spending cuts cause grief for lawmakers (Fox News)

  • Thomas Sowell: Spoiled brat politics (Townhall)

  • Bruce Bartlett: The Times is still wrong on taxation (Townhall)

Monday, October 10

  • House passes bill encouraging more refineries (AP)

  • Nestle plans 'fair trade' coffee (Financial Times)

  • The little company that could (USAT)

  • U.S. steps up effort to persuade China to shift on trade (NYT)

  • Doug Giles: PETA is full of SHEETA (Townhall)

  • David Boaz : Time for new thinking about poverty (Cato)

Friday, October 7

  • U.S. ready to tackle farm subsidies at WTO (Reuters)

  • Katrina job loss less than forecast (CNN Money)

  • Companies busy with hurricane orders (C.S. Monitor)

  • New FEMA boss pledges to end waste, solicit bids for contracts (Sun-Sentinel)

  • Anti-biotech film a 'Crockumentary' (Fox News)

  • Duane D. Freese: The O'Reilly X-Factor (TCS)

  • Rich Tucker: Warning shot (Townhall)

Thursday, October 6

  • News of pandemonium may have slowed aid (Wash.Post)

  • Oil hits two-month low on falling demand (AP)

  • EU withholds subsidies for new Airbus jet (AP)

  • Landowners must yield to ballpark (Wash.Times)

  • A rift widens over EU's economic policy (IHT)

  • Spending overdose (Wash.Times)

  • Alan Reynolds: Ill winds blow sick politics (Cato)

Wednesday, October 5

  • Change sought to cover losses (LAT)

  • Factory orders on the rise (Reuters)

  • New, expanding refineries a long-term solution, companies say (Knight-Ridder)

  • Walter Williams: Category 5 hot air (Wash.Times)

  • Glenn Reynolds: Some 21st-century ideas on energy and employment (TCS)

Tuesday, October 4

  • Oil prices fall back below $65 a barrel (AP)

  • Companies assess Katrina response (USAT)

  • Zurich Financial expects Katrina payouts of 600 million dollars (AFP)

  • Portman to host 15 trade officials (Wash.Times)

  • BP forecasts $700 million hit from hurricanes

  • Free markets and social welfare (Mises Institute)

  • Michael Tanner : In praise of U.S. health care (Cato)

Monday, October 3

  • Study: Sun's Changes to Blame for Part of Global Warming

  • Mexican Avocado Industry Reaping Fruits of Trade Deal

  • Dollar up sharply on rate expectations (Wash Post)

  • Florida city considers eminent domain (Wash Times)

  • Construction Spending Climbs to New High (AP)

  • Matt Hayes: Insurance Lawsuits Won't Help Katrina Victims (Fox)

  • Mona Charen: It's the spending, stupid (Wash Times)

  • I Smell a Rat (Tech Central Station)