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News on the Web - November 2005

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Wednesday, November 30

  • Spreading Front-Page Doubts About the Strong Bush Economy (Times Watch)

  • Economic growth in third-quarter revised up (AP)

  • Consumer confidence gets a lift (AP)

  • A warning of trade suits over farming (NY Times)

  • Record year for hurricanes part of a natural cycle (USA Today)

  • Snow says China should get credit for yuan moves (USA Today)

  • Walter Williams: Dead-end jobs (Townhall)

  • Thomas Sowell: Random thoughts (Townhall)

  • Bruce Bartlett: Corruption creep in GOP (Wash. Times)

Tuesday, November 29

  • DoE: Avg. gasoline price falls below $2.20 (Reuters)

  • Online sales seen surging on ‘Cyber Monday’ (Reuters)

  • Crude falls, heating oil drops to 4-month low as supplies climb (Bloomberg)

  • Orders for durable goods rebound in October (AP)

  • Leading economies 'sail and skate' towards 3.0 percent growth (Channel NewsAsia)

  • Patrick Michaels: Global warming overkill (Cato)

  • Doug Bandow: The world of David Catania (Am. Spectator)

Monday, November 28

  • EU strikes landmark sugar reform deal (AP)

  • Stock futures rise as holiday sales jump (Reuters)

  • Saudi oil minister says world oil markets are ‘well balanced’ (AFX News)

  • Tips for online shopping this ‘Cyber Monday’ (

  • Mideast trade pacts fare well (Wash Times)

  • Elizabeth Whelan: Fast food tells all (Wash Times)

  • James Glassman: Ticking tax time bombs (TCS)

  • Michael Barone: Toward Europe? (Townhall)

Wednesday, November 23

  • Mexico OKs Pipeline to Future Arizona Refinery (Reuters)

  • Stocks edge up after Fed’s take on the economy (AP)

  • Another reason to be thankful (Wash Times)

  • A marathoner chases trade deal (IHT)

  • Gas prices ease ahead of Thanksgiving (CNN)

  • Hong Kong must create 'road map' for rest of Doha Round, say WTO heavyweights (Channel NewsAsia)

  • John Stossel: Fast food justice isn't good justice (Townhall)

  • Bruce Bartlett: Logrolling of the Rx benefit (Wash Times)

  • Max Borders: The Altruism Boom (TCS)

Tuesday, November 22

  • U.S. economy seen growing respectably (AP)

  • 5 WTO members try to resolve differences (AP)

  • Retail group boosts U.S. holiday sales forecast on falling gasoline prices (Bloomberg)

  • EU may accept big cuts in sugar subsidies (IHT)

  • Hans Labohm: Bad for business (TCS)

  • Arnold Kling: Why people hate economics (TCS)

  • U.S. farm subsidy offer deserves quiet burial (Bloomberg)

Monday, November 21

  • Gasoline prices continue to slide, survey finds (MSNBC)

  • After eminent domain win, project goes nowhere (NY Times)

  • Farming's front and center at talks (USA Today)

  • Retailers like Wal-Mart adjust to Katrina (AP)

  • Cingular will be sold under name of AT&T (USA Today)

  • House votes to kill Byrd trade law (Reuters)

  • Kerry Howley: Every man's land (Reason)

  • The freedom to hate Wal-Mart (Townhall)

  • Who Should Control the Internet? Just You and I (Bloomberg)

Friday, November 18

  • Stocks surge, lifting hopes for strong '05 (LA Times)

  • US, ASEAN agree to push for trade and investment agreement (Channel NewsAsia)
  • Rolling back malaria (Mail & Guardian)
  • U.S. should not import European laws (Fox News)
  • Roy Spencer: The killer that matters most (TCS)
  • Larry Kudlow: What I learned this week (Townhall)
  • Ben Stein, good for laughs, shuns China hype (Bloomberg)

Thursday, November 17

  • Conoco to expand West Coast oil refineries (LA Times)

  • Factory production rebounds strongly (AP)

  • OPEC oil price falls below $50 (Reuters)

  • APEC says EU farm cuts key to saving world trade talks (AFP)

  • Privatize Fannie and Freddie (NRO)

  • Excessive health insurance regulation leads to high costs (Fox News)

  • Alan Reynolds: Medicare's muddled meddling (Townhall)

Wednesday, November 16

  • Senate panel refuses to extend a Bush tax cut (LA Times)

  • Falling gas prices help retail profits (AP)

  • Fannie Mae's repairman (Wash. Post)

  • How Bernanke would fine-tune the economy (CS Monitor)

  • Walter Williams: What's inflation? (Townhall)

  • Thomas Sowell: Ignoring economics: part II (Townhall)

  • Bruce Bartlett: Tax reform non-starter (Wash. Times)

Tuesday, November 15

  • Willis offers $1m for Osama (Times of India)

  • ‘Cheeseburger bill’ is high on menu in Washington (LA Times)

  • Gas prices fall for sixth straight week (AP)

  • U.S. producer prices excluding energy, food decline by most in two years (Bloomberg)

  • Thomas Sowell: Ignoring economics (Townhall)

  • Bill Frist: How tax relief works (Wash. Times)

  • David R. Henderson: Is a ‘windfall profits tax’ a good idea? (TCS)

Monday, November 14

  • No major AMT relief in House bill (CNN)

  • Doha Round is stuck because of EU: Brazilian foreign minister (Channel NewsAsia)

  • Wal-Mart reports smallest profit gain in four years (Bloomberg)

  • The most charitable companies (Forbes)

  • The free market's fair-weather friends (Townhall)

  • Senate stages show trial for big-oil executives (Bloomberg)

Friday, November 11

  • Fannie Mae finds more errors, names new CFO (Wash. Post)

  • Global warming on the cover of Rolling Stone (Fox News)

  • WTO chief urges members to put meat into Hong Kong talks (Channel NewsAsia)

  • Dark clouds over Doha (Economist)

  • Editorial: Memo to poor countries: stand fast (NY Times)

  • That other cultural war grinds on (TCS)

  • The facts about Big Oil (Am. Spectator)

Thursday, November 10

  • Oil prices fall to lowest level in 3 months (AP)

  • Farm issues stall talks for a deal on trade (NY Times)

  • FTC against price-gouging law (CNN)

  • World Bank says poorest nations stand to gain most from WTO (Channel NewsAsia)

  • Living Large: We've been misled about the real threat posed by the ‘obesity crisis’ (Cato)

  • Setting America free or shackling us with mandates? (TCS)

  • How DDT can stop millions of malaria deaths (Mail & Guardian)

Wednesday, November 9

  • Freddie Mac to restate its profit downward (Wash. Post)

  • Winners and losers from rise in dollar (NY Times)

  • China applauds textile agreement, but hits out at U.S. (Channel NewsAsia)

  • Free trade deal offers ray of hope to millions of poor in South Asia (Channel NewsAsia)

  • Walter Williams: Windfall profits (Townhall)

  • Direct Dumb-ocracy: California fruits and nuts against agriculture (TCS)

Tuesday, November 8

  • Feuding over vaccines (Wash. Post)

  • Imports, refineries help trim gas prices (Wash. Post)

  • U.S., China Sign Deal on China Textiles (AP)

  • News Analysis: Quagmire of farm aid hinders U.S. trade deal (IHT)

  • Some rare good news on the obesity front (TCS)

  • Skip the gas profit tinkering (Wash. Times)

Monday, November 7

  • China and U.S. expected to reach deal on textiles (NY Times)

  • Survey: Gas prices drop 23 cents a gallon (AP)

  • Bush to talk trade in FTAA-friendly Panama (Fox News)

  • Wal-Mart finds some friendly data (IHT)

  • Key WTO players try again to break deadlock (Channel NewsAsia)

  • Caroline Baum: Simplifying the tax code proves too complicated (Bloomberg)

  • ‘Windfall’ profits tax on oil would slow flow (Independent Institute)

Friday, November 4

  • House votes to block land seizure (CBS)

  • U.S. Senate showdown on farm subsidies is threat to trade talks (IHT)

  • Greenspan: Economy sturdy after hurricanes (Fox News)

  • Tired of globalisation (The Economist)

  • Trade with Cuba steadily rising (CBS)

  • Patrick Michaels: How much ice in the global cocktail? (TCS)

  • Nick Schulz: Demagogues and ‘windfall’ taxes (Wash. Times)

Thursday, November 3

  • Retailers Post Solid Sales in October (AP)

  • Gas prices head down the driveway (CNN)

  • Free-Trade Battle Looms at Americas Summit (AP)

  • Talks in Europe last-ditch effort to salvage WTO round: US (AFP)

  • Alan Reynolds: Oil profits, prices and politics (Townhall)

  • Neal Boortz: Whose profits are they anyway? (Townhall)

Wednesday, November 2

  • Tax change proposals to set off howls of protest (MSNBC)

  • Free flow: Private firms in fast lane on autobahn (IHT)

  • Budget cutters line up targets (CS Monitor)

  • Bush says Latam free-trade idea stalled for now (Reuters)

  • Japan, Australia begin study of free trade pact (Channel NewsAsia)

  • Boom's over, but no sign of a bust (Chicago Trib)

  • Walter E. Williams: Do we really care about children? (Townhall)

  • Alejandro Chafuen: U.N. discovers property rights (Wash Times)

  • Jack Rafuse: Here We Go Again (TCS)

  • J.C. Watts: GSEs need reform now (Wash Times)

Tuesday, November 1

  • In this economy, the 'R' word means resilient (CS Monitor)

  • Court nominee has free-market bent (LA Times)

  • U.S. gas prices below $2.50 (Reuters)

  • Bush panel to propose broad tax-law changes (AP)

  • Experts: Bird flu import bans illogical (AP)

  • Oil prices dip on warmer weather forecasts (AP)

  • Bruce Bartlett: Managing money (Townhall)

  • Roy Spencer: Blair Gets Real on Climate Change (TCS)