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News on the Web - August 2005

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Tuesday, August 30

  •  The oil markets are waiting for news on Katrina

  •  Assessing the economic impact of Katrina

  •  OPEC considers increasing production to keep prices stable

  •  Credit reports free with new law

  •  Gary Andres: The Kelo backlash

Monday, August 29

  •  Katrinas early impact on the stock market

  •  Tech Central Station host James Glassman on the mandated efficiency scam

  •  Refineries are closed for Katrina

  •  Have that third cup of coffee

Friday, August 26

  •  The Second Part of Thomas Sowell's series on oil prices

  •  Watch out for the Snow Dorks! An econ summit at Jackson Hole

  •  Jobless Benefits are at a four year low

  •  Northwest Airlines might give striking workers a permanent vacation

  •  Crude oil futures drop slightly

Thursday, August 25

  •  New Jobless Claims Edge Lower (Reuters)

  •  Texas Judge Calls FDIC Corrupt In $72M Judgment (Wash.Post)

  •  Cellphones Catapult Rural Africa Into 21st Century (NYT)

  •  Price of Oil Drops Slightly (Bloomberg)

  •  Robert Goldberg: Vioxx-type Danger and Legal Frivolity (Wash.Times)

Monday, August 22

  •  Google Set to Bring Web to Users (LAT)

  •  Anti-Porn Spam Laws Backfire (USAT)

  •  Strike Doesnt Ground Northwest (USAT)

  •  Health Movement Has School Cafeterias in Food Fight (USAT)

  •  Doug Bandow: Animal Terrorism (Wash.Times)

Thursday, August 18

  •  Oil Taps 2-Week Low (MarketWatch)

  •  International Labor Leaders Target Wal-Mart (Reuters)

  •  Google Files to Sell $4B in Stock (Reuters)

  •  Mortgage Rates Dip (USAT)

  •  Small Firms Find Success Online (Wash. Post)

  •  Larry Kudlow: Silence of the Bush Boom (NRO)

Wednesday, August 17

  •  Phila. Exchange Sells More Shares (Phila. Inquirer)

  •  Sodas Are Out in Lower Grades (AJC)

  •  Housing Starts Cool; Market Still Strong (Wash.Post)

  •  Gas Prices Curb Consumer Spending (Wash.Times)

  •  Mortgage Refinancing Rises (Reuters)

Tuesday, August 16

  •  Think You Pay a Lot for Gas? (CNN)

  •  How Can You Get the Most Miles from Your Card? (USAT)

  •  Prosperity from CAFTA (WashPost)

  •  Copy-Protection Gear Sneaks into Products (USAT)

  •  New Fox Television Chairman Named (LAT)

  •  Editorial: Oil-market Frenzy and the Fed (WashTimes)

Monday, August 15

  •  Coverage of Big Awards for Plaintiffs Helps Distort View of Legal System (LAT)

  •  Power-hungry world embraces nuclear energy (Wash.Times)

  •  Colorado Conservatives at War Over Tax Cap (NYT)

  •  Biometric IDs Could See Massive Growth (USAT)

  •  Refinery Mishaps Hamper Oil Output (USAT)

Friday, August 12

  •  Economic Expansion Grows as Unemployment Shrinks (NYT)

  •  Pfizer Limits When It Will Advertise New Drugs (USAT)

  •  Employers Put Out Welcome Mat for Disabled Veterans (USAT)

  •  Court Widens Protections for Workers Sensing Bias (LAT)

  •  Jerk-O-Meter Rates Quality of Phone Chats (AP)