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2/12/2006 4:03:10 PM

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The Free Market Project offers the following links as an additional resource identifying various organizations which provide conservative and free market perspectives on current issues and information on free market economics and philosophy, and economic and business news and information we believe is thought provoking and useful to our supporters.

Accuracy In Media

Adam Smith Institute

American Enterprise Institute

American Council on Science and Health

American Institute for Economic Research

American Policy Center

Americans for Tax Reform

The Annapolis Center

Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

Capital Research Center

Cato Institute

Center for Consumer Freedom

Center for Global Food Issues

Center for Individual Freedom

Center for Regulatory Effectiveness

Citizens Against Government Waste

Citizens for a Sound Economy

Competitive Enterprise Institute

Consumer Alert

Council of Economic Advisors

The Economic Cycle Research Institute

Employment Policy Foundation

Foundation for Economic Education

Frontiers of Freedom

The Future of Freedom Foundation

The Galen Institute


The Heartland Institute

The Heritage Foundation

The Hoover Institution

The Independent Institute

The Independent Review: A Journal of Political Economy

Institute for Policy Innovation

Institute for Supply Management

International Foundation for the Conservation of Natural Resources (IFCNR)

LibertyTree: Review and Catalog

Ludwig von Mises Institute

Media Research Center

National Anxiety Center

National Association of Manufacturers Web log

National Center for Policy Analysis

National Center for Public Policy Research

The National Motorists Association

National Retail Federation

National Taxpayers Union

Property & Environmental Research Center


Retail Industry Leaders Association

Tech Central Station (TCS)

Times Watch