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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Updated 12/28/05

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Global Warming                                                         Fact Sheet


December 21 - Times Touts Record U.S. Emissions, Ignores Failure of Other Nations

November 18 - ABC�s Bill Weir Feels Guilty about Driving SUV

November 16 - Fox's Changing Climate

November 14 - Fox News Sheds Balance in Climate Change Special

September 30 - North Pole in �Peril�

September 19 - NBC Adds to Storm of Climate Change Stories

September 12 - Why Not Global Warming?

September 2 - Media Link Hurricanes and Global Warming for More than a Decade

August 10 - Networks Ignore U.S. Agreement on Global Warming

June 29 -- Global Warming Coverage: Science Left Behind

June 24 -- A Million-Year El Ni�o?