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February 16 - Bernanke Co-Author Frank Says Everyone Would Love $2 Gas Tax

February 10 - 6-Year Low in Unemployment Claims Draws Yawns from Media

February 8 - Medicare drug program a bitter pill; Bono still hasnt found what hes looking for; Good jobs report gets the sound of silence.

February 6 - Broadcasters Ignore or Distort Solid Job Report

February 1 - Bravo for the Maestro

January 31 - Medias GDP Reports Grossly Unproductive

January 27 - Income Reports Authors Tilted Left, but Media Didnt Note It

January 25 - Media Myth: Hit Job

January 25 - Networks Do a Poor Job with Unemployment Coverage

January 20 - Major Newspapers Ignore Low Jobless Numbers

January 20 - CNN Spends 2005 Telling People Theyre Going Backwards

January 19 - USA Today, Washington Post Repeat Inflation Concerns

January 16 - AP Reporter Hypes Wholesale Inflation

January 6 - NBC Glosses over Strong 2005 Job Growth

January 6 - NY Times and AP Portray Shopping Season As So-So At Best

January 4 - Dan Gainor: Fear and Loathing in Business News

January 4 - Media Mantra: Unhappy Holidays

January 4 - Strong U.S. economy; ABC weighed and found lacking on calorie-counting; IBD joins other media in snowing public on housing news.

January 3 - CBS Conjures Recession Specter in New Years Newscast


December 27 - Print Reports Snow Readers On Housing

December 22 - Economic Growth Report Gets a Few Paragraphs

December 21 - Dan Gainor: Boo-Hoo Economics

December 21 - If Inflation Falls in the Forest

December 15 - U.S. Economy Again Defies Media Pessimism

December 14 - Washington Post tackles regressive tariffs; CNNs Serwer pulls a 180 on housing forecast; Post calls tax cuts cost to government.

December 12 - Harvard Professor Deflates In the Money

December 8 - CNNs Andy Serwer 180

December 8 - Post Practices Boo-Hoo Economics

December 7 - The smell of good news in the morning; confusion on CNN; and Dobbs strikes on CBS.

December 6 - CNNs Dobbs Gives Hot Economy a Cold Shower

December 5 - Morning Shows Return to Pessimism on Economy

December 2 - CNNs Serwer Huffs and Puffs about Bad News from Detroit

December 1 - Its Beginning to Look a Lot Likea Very Good Christmas

December 1 - NBC Ignores 13-Percent-Higher Economic Growth

November 30 - Media Myths: The Housing Bubble Is Bursting

November 30 - Dan Gainor: Bubble, Bubble, Its the Media in Trouble

November 28 - CBS Reporter Misrepresents Pump Prices

November 23 - As GM Goes, So Go the Media

November 23 - Charles Simpson: Pilgrims and Ingrates

November 22 - CNN Presents One-Sided Study as Fact

November 15 - Class Warfare

November 10 - Media Wrong about Dollar

November 9 - NPR goes free market?; If its economic news, it must be bad; Sheriff Dobbs in Sherwood Forest.

November 7 - According to the Media, Most Economic News is Bad News

November 2 - Your teacher today is; the trouble with Lou Dobbs; and the way to save people from malaria.

October 31 - CNN Says America is in Trouble, and its All Governments Fault

October 26 - A regular story with a premium result; have a blue Christmas; and the silly side of CNN

October 26 - Whos Afraid of a Little Inflation?

October 25 - Bernanke Nomination Brings Out Medias Economic Concerns

October 21 - Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Negativity

October 18 - Auto Workers Benefits: Catching Up with the Times

October 14 - Katrina Brought Poverty in America to the Front Page

October 14 - One Economy, Two Spins: Economic Conditions Portrayed as Positive During Clinton Presented as Negative for Bush

October 13 - Dobbsing for Bias

October 12 - Good guy lawyers; 60 Minutes goes off track on NASCAR; and the media overestimate job losses from Katrina.

October 7 - Media Use Katrina to Predict Economic Downturn

October 5 - A Fortune in business coverage and intelligent ways to cut poverty; predictable reactions to the childhood food pyramid; and misinterpreting a global warming study.

September 21 - The New York Times shows businesses arent all bad; Lou Dobbs reminds viewers that its good to open a history book; and Newsweeks Jonathan Alter spins statistics about poverty.

September 14 - Scorn on the Bayou The Political Economics of Katrina

September 8 - Times Cites U.N. Report Blasting U.S. as Cheap

September 6 - Media Use Katrina to Predict Economic Downturn

September 1 - Media Do Poor Job of Reporting on the Poor

August 29 - One-Sided View of Housing Bubbles to Surface

August 26 - Times Downplays Greenspans 18-Year Success

August 17 - Networks Paint Bush Economy As Bleak No Matter What The Facts Really Say

August 4 - Journal Story Describes the End of the World As We Know It

July 21 - CBS Talks Down the Economy with Biased Reporting

July 8 - Jobs Report Positive; News Reports Negative

July 1 - Confidence Game

July 1 - Confidence Game: ABC Skips 3-Year High in Consumer Confidence But Reports Heavily on Negative Number

June 27 - CBS News Botches Simple Math

June 10 - Is Greenspan Wary of Housing Problems?

May 26 - Bubble, Boom or Bust?

May 16 - Paper Tigers Take Bite Out of American Dream

May 6 - Positive Job Growth Continues Will News Coverage Improve?

April 22 - When Greenspan speaks...


October 14 - Gary Wolfram: An Economists View: Reporting Labor Statistics Correctly