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2003 Archive

12/15/2003 -- Have Another Helping Of Obesity!: ABCs Primetime Says Government, Industry Are Making Us Eat Too Much

12/05/2003 -- Upcoming Primetime Monday Special On Obesity Is Old News

12/01/2003 -- Fat Like Me: How To Win The Weight War: A Rare Kudos To An ABC Special Report on Obesity

11/24/2003 -- Where Was The Washington Posts Fiscal Conservatism During The 1990s?

11/20/2003 -- CANCELLED: The Reagans: Yes, the Free Market Works and the Liberals Just Hate It

11/19/2003 -- Safe Under Any Conditions? Offering young drivers a false sense of security

11/14/2003 -- McDonalds Made Me Eat It!: Media pursue a cure for the obesity epidemic

11/10/2003 -- Why Can't the World Be Safe For Idiots?

11/07/2003 -- Media Reality Check: Only Government Can Fix Health Care

10/07/2003 -- For The Media, Blackout Was All About Blame