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3/6/2006 9:05:43 AM

Updated 02/24/06

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Board of Advisors
Free Market Project

Through the Light of Truth Campaign, the Free Market Project will assemble a blue ribbon panel of the nations top business and economic leaders.

This group of distinguished practitioners and experts will form one of the most important brain trusts ever focused on a single, important mission: ensuring that Americans are well informed on economic issues by holding the nations news media accountable to provide accurate, unbiased reporting of those critical issues. Those distinguished individuals who accept this challenge will engage in seven key functions:

To identify and articulate those important emerging economic issues of the day for which misrepresentation by the news media holds the greatest potential for undermining free market principles and constitutes a significant threat to private sector enterprises;

To help develop the fundamental free market, private enterprise position on those issues; and to guide the illustration of their position through FMP materials and efforts to educate the media, and remediate any bias or misrepresentation;

From time to time produce informational, analytical and free market philosophical works that will be published directly or otherwise disseminated throughout the news media, including: op ed articles, white papers, reports and, occasionally, books on these significant issues;

To act as Free Market Project spokespersons before the media on timely issues;

To act as key advisors and resources to Free Market Project staff;

To provide guidance in the planning and growth of the Free Market Project, the accomplishment of its goals and objectives and the development of its products and services;

To participate in press conferences, panel discussions and Monthly Issues Seminars, and other special events affording them opportunities to directly educate and inform the news media and other important opinion leaders; and,

To participate in a quarterly planning, strategy and resource development meeting with FMP staff.

Members of the Free Market Projects Board of Advisors will be partners in FMP, helping to shape its evolution and ensuring its dedication to a fundamental mission: restoring from within the media societys fundamental understanding of and appreciation for the principles of our free market economic system.

Advisors will have a fundamental role in the restoration of balanced news coverage of business and economics by assisting the Free Market Project in the development of a clearinghouse of economic information and free enterprise principles that makes the free market approach to the issues impossible to ignore. The Advisors can expect to be afforded the respect and consideration for their ideas, recommendations and contributions to the ongoing development of FMP that is accorded to true partners. With that, we have no doubt, these individuals will undertake their responsibilities with equal dedication and play a vital and rewarding part in returning free market principles to the mainstream of Americas public discourse.


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