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2/12/2006 4:05:49 PM

Updated 01/25/06

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Boone Pickens Offers $1.5 million Challenge to Help Fund the Free Market Project

     Media Research Center Trustee and respected businessman Boone Pickens has pledged $1.5 million to help fund the MRCs Free Market Project, in three $500,000 annual installments, on the condition that others match him. This Challenge donation, if matched, will help finance the Free Market Projects operations and fund the new Boone Pickens Free Market Fellow. The Free Market Fellow will take a leading role in documenting and exposing the anti-free enterprise culture of the major media, as well as reaching out to educate news producers and consumers.

     Mr. Pickens $1.5 million Boone Pickens Challenge donation will take the Free Market Project to the next level, beyond defending the culture of free enterprise from liberal attacks to more effectively promoting the virtues of the entrepreneurial spirit at the national level. The Free Market Project plans to expand its reach across a spectrum of media: print, radio, television and the Internet. The MRC is extremely grateful to Mr. Pickens and encouraged by his commitment and confidence in us.

Take the Challenge!

     If you are interested in helping meet the Challenge, with any size donation, please contact MRC Director of Development Thom Golab. All gifts are, of course, tax-deductible. Contact him by phone at 703-683-9733 ext. 154 or e-mail at Send mail inquiries and donations to:

Boone Pickens Challenge
Media Research Center
325 S. Patrick Street
Alexandria, VA 22314

About the Free Market Project

     The MRC launched the Free Market Project in 1992 to combat outright media bias against Americas free enterprise system and to defend the business community from the attacks waged against them. The Free Market Project has assembled a blue-ribbon Advisory Committee comprised of distinguished economic scholars to participate directly in this effort. It has undertaken a number of significant projects with studies exposing the anti-business agenda of environmental extremists; it has documented exactly how the media are distorting tax issues; and it has proven how journalists are ignoring tort reform while promoting lawsuit excesses against the business community. The work of the Free Market Project is cited and its spokesmen interviewed regularly on programs such as the Fox News Channels Your World with Neil Cavuto, in Investors Business Daily, in The Wall Street Journal, and numerous other media outlets.