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2/12/2006 4:04:57 PM

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January 25 -- BusinessWeek on how outsourcing benefits the economy; Lou Dobbs takes erroneous outrage on the road; CNN on Hollywood stars vs. Wall Street execs.

January 23 - CNNs Dobbs Blames Free Trade, Non-Union Labor for Fords Woes

January 18 -- NY Times on how realtors lock the doors of competition from banks and online brokers; Dobbs sees Red over Chinese cars in American showrooms; Reporters jump to conclusions on frog extinction from single study.

January 12 - Lou Dobbs Plays Paul Revere over Chinese Cars


December 21 - USA Today shows a town eager for a nuclear plant; ABC, NBC gun-shy on calling transit strike illegal; Lou Dobbss deficit of economic knowledge widens.

December 15 - Hit by a Clue-by-Four

December 14 - Washington Post tackles regressive tariffs; CNNs Serwer pulls a 180 on housing forecast; Post calls tax cuts cost to government.

December 6 - CNNs Dobbs Gives Hot Economy a Cold Shower

November 30 - TV Academy Honors Dobbs, Ignores His Slant on News

August 31 - An Attempt to Cover Outsourcing; and Two Good Reasons Not to Read The Washington Post

August 26 - World News Tonight Criticizes Outsourcing

August 22 - Trade Secrets: Lou Dobbs Tonight Hides Good News Behind Negative View of Free Market

June 22 - Times Brings Balance to Outsourcing Coverage

March 15 - ABC Uses Old Interview for One-Sided Trade Story