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January 26 - ABCs Lisa Stark Goes After Oil Profits

January 11 - Gary Wolfram: Econ 101: How Do Tax Cuts Work?

January 10 - Post Downplayed Tax Dissent in Mark Warner Article


December 14 - Herman Cain: A Whale of a Tale

December 14 - The Medias Top 10 Economic Myths of 2005

December 14 - Washington Post tackles regressive tariffs; CNNs Serwer pulls a 180 on housing forecast; Post calls tax cuts cost to government.

December 8 - Post Practices Boo-Hoo Economics

December 7 - Gary Wolfram: Econ 101: Has the Economy Been Good or Bad?

November 18 - $4B Tax a Hill of Beans to CNNs Serwer

November 9 - A Simple Plan?

October 19 - A fair view of FairTax; the problem with calling for government aid; and why the Four Horsemen are over the top.

September 19 - Flat-Out Un-Fair: Tax Fix More than a Four-Letter Word

September 14 - Media Add to Celebrity Push for U.N. Aid Mandate

September 13 - Media Use Katrina to Lobby for Higher Taxes

September 8 - Cutting Taxes One Minute; Raising Them the Next

September 8 - Times Cites U.N. Report Blasting U.S. as Cheap

August 15 - Social Securitys Retirement Date Long Passed

August 4 - FairTax Gets Unfair Interview

July 5 -- Post  Slants Tax Cut Story

June 27 -- Charles Simpson: The Georgia Tea Party

June 26 -- Tax & Spin

June 7 -- For London Socialist, Taxes are the Answer