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January 24 - Newscasts Overlook Fords Costly Severance Programs

January 23 - CNNs Dobbs Blames Free Trade, Non-Union Labor for Fords Woes

January 18 - Pension Promises: the Death of the American Dream?

January 18 - Own Your Own Retirement

January 11 - Media Quick to Blame Industry for Mining Tragedy


December 28 - ABC Reporter Portrays Union as Victim, Delphi as Villain

December 23 - Networks Dump Coal on Wal-Marts Christmas

December 20 - ABC, NBC Gloss over Transit Strikes Illegality

December 19 - Times Ignores Cost of Union Strike for Commuters, City

December 6 - CNNs Dobbs Gives Hot Economy a Cold Shower

November 30 - TV Academy Honors Dobbs, Ignores His Slant on News

November 23 - As GM Goes, So Go the Media 

October 21 - NBC Still Promoting Downside of GM Labor Contract

October 18 - Auto Workers Benefits: Catching Up with the Times

September 22 - Charles Simpson: Dobbs Bashes Pro-Growth Katrina Rebuilding Policies

September 21 - The New York Times shows businesses arent all bad; Lou Dobbs reminds viewers that its good to open a history book; and Newsweeks Jonathan Alter spins statistics about poverty.

September 13 - Lou Dobbs Lobbies for Unions to Bring Home the Bacon

July 27 - Media Criticize Union Insurgents

July 25 - Labor Pains: None of Your Business

July 12 - NBC On Auto Pilot Backs Union, Ignores Carmaker

June 22 - Times Brings Balance to Outsourcing Coverage

June 16 - 30 Days of Supersized Guilt

May 31 - Article Treats Wal-Mart Critics as Labor Experts