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4/19/2006 6:12:05 AM

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April 4 - Venezuelan Dictator Seizes Oil to Buy Weapons

March 28 - CNNs Dobbs Scoffs at Extra Port Security

March 20 - CNN Team Perplexed by Calm U.S. Public

March 15 - Where Do We Go from Dubai?

March 10 - Dobbs, Nightly News Attack British Security Firm

March 9 - Chavez-controlled Citgo Gets Another Pass from Networks

March 8 - One if by Land, Two If by Air?

March 8 - INY Times shows how American businesses are behind Dubai; CBS airs concern about a new phone monopoly and worries about kids roller skates.

March 1 - NYT documents rising protectionism in Europe; ABC ignores money motive in Ariz. speed cameras; CNN raises questions about legal tax moves, alumni donation by energy investor.

March 1 - Downplaying Danger of Stormy Relationship with Hugo

February 14 - CNN Anchor Worries Ports Outsourced to Terrorists


February 8 - Medicare drug program a bitter pill; Bono still hasnt found what hes looking for; Good jobs report gets the sound of silence.

February 3 - ABC Stuck in a Moment of One-Sided Coverage

December 14 - Herman Cain: A Whale of a Tale

December 14 - The Medias Top 10 Economic Myths of 2005

September 14 - Media Add to Celebrity Push for U.N. Aid Mandate

August 17 - Decent economics, ignoring a climate change treaty and a bizarre view of the cause for African starvation.

August 11 - Post Blames Free Market For Starvation In Niger

July 13 - Crazy 8s: Live 8, G-8 coverage cheerleads sending billions of U.S. dollars to Africa

July 5 - Its Only Rock N Roll

April 15 - BBC Bothered by Capitalism in Afghan Capital

March 16 - TIME Embraces Bad Economics That Blame America for World Poverty