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February 8 - Study Takes Bite Out of Media Claims about Low-Fat Diets

February 1 - Health Savings Accounts: An Opportunity for Consumer Control

January 16 - Media Portray Drug Plan as Boondoggle

January 4 - Strong U.S. economy; ABC weighed and found lacking on calorie-counting; IBD joins other media in snowing public on housing news.


December 27 - 143 Million Cheeseburgers Short of Paradise

December 14 - Herman Cain: A Whale of a Tale

December 14 - SuperSized Bias II: Big Media Continue Skewing Obesity Debate (May-October 2004)

December 14 - The Medias Top 10 Economic Myths of 2005

December 9 - Papers Spin Scuffle over Study Data into Knockout for Merck Opponents

December 7 - SpongeBob SquarePants Is the Next Joe Camel?

November 30 - Post reports how states restrict medical technology; CBSs gas price reporting running on fumes; CNN reporters heap attacks on restaurant industry.

November 28 - CNN Unloads Double Portion of Bias

November 23 - A Load of Red Bull

November 15 - CBS Begins Week-Long Gut Check

November 9 - NPR goes free market?; If its economic news, it must be bad; Sheriff Dobbs in Sherwood Forest.

November 4 - A Lead Lunch?

November 2 - Your teacher today is; the trouble with Lou Dobbs; and the way to save people from malaria.

November 1 - A Quarter Billion Dollars For Malaria, But No Time For Prevention

October 31 - 60 Minutes Bypasses Obvious Health Care Solution

October 26 - Dan Gainor: Attack on Avian Flu Drug Patent a Major Threat

October 7 - Dont Buy the Intolerance of Some Lactose Intolerants

October 5 - A Fortune in business coverage and intelligent ways to cut poverty; predictable reactions to the childhood food pyramid; and misinterpreting a global warming study.

September 29 - Cartoon Pyramids, Computer Games and School Lunches

September 28 - Climate change and dangerous looters in D.C.; doctors who dare to work with medical device companies; and more on those "evil" drug firms.

September 27 - ABC Discovers a New Gateway Drug for Kids: Caffeine

September 22 - Times Claims Climate of Secrecy Adds to Medical Costs

September 20 - A Tough Pill to Swallow

September 14 - How businesses handle a disaster; how a network can use a disaster to make a political point; and, attacking a drug company for being responsible.

September 12 - CBS Attacks Amgen for Not Distributing Drug

August 31 - An Attempt to Cover Outsourcing; and Two Good Reasons Not to Read The Washington Post

August 31 - USA Today Downplays Its Own Explanation of Health Care Costs

August 25 - Media Continue to Pound on Obesity Coverage

August 24 - Its not oil, its refining capacity; the suns addictive rays; oils breaking point.

August 24 - Networks Send Plaintiffs Message to Drugmakers

August 23 - AARP vs. the Free Market on Drug Prices

August 18 - Obesity Battle Pops Up Again

August 17 - ABC Plays The Old Skin Game

August 12 - CBS Downplays Danger from Activist Health Commissioner

August 11 - Jennings Death Inspires Anti-Smoking Crusade

August 11 - Times Relies on Food Police for Comment on Healthier Products

August 2 - Atkins Bankruptcy Stories on Low-Substance Diet

July 14 - Food Police Crack Down on Soda

July 11 - Accuracy on Leave from ABC

July 7 - Two Against One in Food Fight

July 6 - First Class Research Receives Second Class Coverage

June 30 - CBS, NBC Ignore Fact That Drug Importation Is Illegal

June 29 - Animal Rights Group Lawsuit Milks Media Coverage

June 23 - ABC Reports: Breakfast is Controversial

June 9 - Networks Not Lovin McDonalds Efforts

June 3 - ABC Helps Officials Beef About Their Own Statistics

June 2 - SuperSized Bias: Big Medias Role In Covering And Promoting the Obesity Debate

May 19 - Obesity Coverage: Give or Take 75,000 Deaths

May 6 - Paul Krugmans Serious Drug Problem is based on bad statistics

April 20 - CDCs Numbers Collapse Under Weight of New Study

April 18 - Super Size Me Star Continues Anti-Food Attack

April 1 - Networks Hound Burger King for Launching Enormous Sandwich

March 21 - ABC Manufactures Anti-Cookie, Anti-Free Market Story

February 28 - ABC Promotes Times Pact with Left-Wing Advocacy Group

February 24 - CBS Backs Nanny State Ban on Teen Tanning

January 7 - Herman Cain & Dan Gainor: A Beef with the Media Over Obesity Bias


September 23 - Dan Gainor: Patience, Hell, Lets Sue Somebody

August 20 - Dan Gainor: Attack on Drug Industry Urges Even More Regulation

June 29 - Paul Stifflemire: Overlooked in Williamsburg: A possible link between obesity and Southwest Airlines!

January 22 - Paul Stifflemire: Some Kids Eat Fast Food; Some Kids Are FatThe Media Connects The Dots