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February 8 - The Nuclear Option

January 18 - NY Times on how realtors lock the doors of competition from banks and online brokers; Dobbs sees Red over Chinese cars in American showrooms; Reporters jump to conclusions on frog extinction from single study.


December 7 - Media Myths: More Hot Air

January 13 - Media Jump On Study Showing Frogs Dying Off From Climate Change

January 5 - On the Inefficient Road Again

December 21 - Times Touts Record U.S. Emissions, Ignores Failure of Other Nations

December 14 - Herman Cain: A Whale of a Tale

December 14 - The Medias Top 10 Economic Myths of 2005

December 7 - Gary Wolfram: Econ 101: Has the Economy Been Good or Bad?

November 30 - CBS Blows Hurricane Season Death Toll Out of Proportion

November 23 - Chewing the fat about federal pork; Oil tax just 'a hill of beans'; ABC reporter driven to shame over SUV.

November 21 - Liberals Learn to Laugh at Climate Change, too

November 18 - ABCs Bill Weir Feels Guilty about Driving SUV

November 16 - Dan Gainor: Foxs Changing Climate

November 16 - The Gray Lady pans tax hike in Germany; CBS shades solar energy report; Fox News burns fair and balanced motto in The Heat Is On.

November 14 - Fox News Sheds Balance in Climate Change Special

November 8 - Destroying America To Save The World: TVs Global Warming Coverage Hides Cost Of Kyoto Treaty

October 12 - Newsweek Fawns over New Head of Frugal Environmental Group

October 5 - A Fortune in business coverage and intelligent ways to cut poverty; predictable reactions to the childhood food pyramid; and misinterpreting a global warming study.

September 30 - North Pole in Peril

September 28 - Climate change and dangerous looters in D.C.; doctors who dare to work with medical device companies; and more on those "evil" drug firms.

September 27 - Times Global Warming Claims Are A Natural Disaster

September 19 - NBC Adds to Storm of Climate Change Stories

September 14 - How businesses handle a disaster; how a network can use a disaster to make a political point; and, attacking a drug company for being responsible.

September 12 - Why Not Global Warming?

September 7 - A rare, fair view of Wal-Mart; more hype about global warming and hurricanes; and, of course, more bad gas reporting.

September 2 - Media Link Hurricanes and Global Warming for More than a Decade

August 31 - David Goodnow: The Media Spin: Bring Out the Tea Leaves

August 31 - James K. Glassman: Katrina and Disgusting Exploitation

August 26 - Bogus Mercury/Autism Claims Linked to Death

August 24 - Media Take a Bite Out of CAFE Guidelines

August 17 - Decent economics, ignoring a climate change treaty and a bizarre view of the cause for African starvation.

August 10 - Networks Ignore U.S. Agreement on Global Warming

August 3 - Times Blinded By Hazy View of Reality

July 15 - Networks will report just about anything you say if your name is Kennedy

June 29 - Global Warming Coverage: Science Left Behind

June 27 - Times Does Cover Story on Voodoo Science

June 24 - A Million-Year El Nio?

June 24 - ABCs Mercury Straw Man

June 14 - WSJ Attacks Exxon for Not Losing Money on New Energy Sources

June 13 - USA Today Decides Climate Debate Over

April 11 - Discovery Channel Blows Its Top and Its Credibility

March 28 - CNNs Global Warming Special Typifies Liberal Bias of Climate Coverage

February 16 - Supporter: Kyotos greatest value is symbolic

January 26 - Times Changes its Hole Position on Ozone Layer


February 11 - Paul Stifflemire: Global Warming Induced Ice Age

January 20 - Paul Stifflemire: Media Help Sell Mass Extinction Scare