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February 10 - USA Today Insists Mine Safety Fines Arent High Enough

February 8 - Econ 101: What Happens When We Subsidize

February 8 - The Nuclear Option

February 8 - Ironic Media Position Follows Bushs Declaration of Oil Addiction

January 31 - Media Emphasize Exxon Profit, Restart Focus on Windfall Taxes

January 26 - ABCs Lisa Stark Goes After Oil Profits

January 11 - Post finds banks bending over backwards; Media ride Willie Nelsons (biodiesel) bandwagon; CNN anchor vows to throw himself in front of a bus.

January 5 - NBC Savidges the Mining Industry

January 5 - On the Inefficient Road Again

January 4 - CBS Passes Off Coal Critic as Dispassionate Expert

January 4 - Maybe Serwer Needs Another Cup of Joe


December 21 - USA Today shows a town eager for a nuclear plant; ABC, NBC gun-shy on calling transit strike illegal; Lou Dobbss deficit of economic knowledge widens.

December 14 - Herman Cain: A Whale of a Tale

December 14 - The Medias Top 10 Economic Myths of 2005

December 13 - CBSs Axelrod Heats Up Energy Price By One-Third

November 30 - Post reports how states restrict medical technology; CBSs gas price reporting running on fumes; CNN reporters heap attacks on restaurant industry.

November 28 - CBS Reporter Misrepresents Pump Prices

November 16 - CNNs Serwer Hopes Senate Has Fortitude to Pass Oil Tax

November 16 - The Gray Lady pans tax hike in Germany; CBS shades solar energy report; Fox News burns fair and balanced motto in The Heat Is On.

November 16 - The Trouble with Forecasting

November 14 - CNN Barks up Wrong Tree on Oil Profits

November 11 - All the Benefits, None of the Costs

November 10 - Whos Profiteering Now?

November 9 - NPR goes free market?; If its economic news, it must be bad; Sheriff Dobbs in Sherwood Forest.

November 8 - Dobbs Takes Aim at Oil Companies

November 3 - Media Myths: Gas Hysteria - Media Hype Harm of Rising Gas Prices Despite Drop of 45 Cents Per Gallon

November 2 - Fueling Outrage

November 2 - Your teacher today is; the trouble with Lou Dobbs; and the way to save people from malaria.

November 1 - Herman Cain: Punishing Profits

October 28 - Media in a Frenzy over Oil Profits

October 27 - Today Hits an Anti-Corporate Gusher

October 26 - A regular story with a premium result; have a blue Christmas; and the silly side of CNN

October 26 - Whos Afraid of a Little Inflation?

October 19 - A fair view of FairTax; the problem with calling for government aid; and why the Four Horsemen are over the top.

October 17 - War, Famine, Pestilence and Death

October 5 - Herman Cain: Free the Gas Market

September 28 - More Doom That Wasnt

September 26 - U.S. vs. Oil Refiners: Are Profits Justified?

September 21 - Dan Gainor: Network Images Pump Up Gas Prices

September 21 - The Picture of Hype

September 7 - A rare, fair view of Wal-Mart; more hype about global warming and hurricanes; and, of course, more bad gas reporting.

September 7 - Strike one, Strike two

September 6 - Gas Prices Fuel More Bad Reporting

August 31 - An Attempt to Cover Outsourcing; and Two Good Reasons Not to Read The Washington Post

August 31 - Refining: the Untold Story of the Oil Chain

August 26 - Media Fail to Realize Oil Not Even Near Records

August 25 - Saving at the Pump Means Paying More for Vehicles

August 24 - Its not oil, its refining capacity; the suns addictive rays; oils breaking point.

August 24 - Media Take a Bite Out of CAFE Guidelines

August 23 - More Media Go Drilling for Viewers

August 22 - Times Scares Readers with the Crisis Ahead

August 19 - Missing the Point on Prices

August 18 - Gas Hysteria : Oil Prices Drop and Networks Ignore It

August 17 - Broken records: Media repeat phony claim of all-time high gas prices

August 17 - Decent economics, ignoring a climate change treaty and a bizarre view of the cause for African starvation.

August 17 - Gas Hysteria : Networks continue gas price hype

August 12 - Pain at the Pump

August 11 - Morning Shows Fill Up With Hype on Gas Prices

August 3 - Energy: Regulation and Rewards, not Freedom

July 13 - Memo to Media: Gas Prices Still Far from All-time High

July 6 - Alls Well With Oil

June 6 - FX Looks Left to Peak at Oil

June 1 - Network Doomsday Warnings Run Out of Gas

May 20 - NBC Fuels Gas Price Hysteria

April 30 - Networks Play Up Energy Politics, Ignore Real Costs