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February 10 - USA Today Insists Mine Safety Fines Arent High Enough

February 8 - The Nuclear Option

January 31 - Media Emphasize Exxon Profit, Restart Focus on Windfall Taxes

January 30 - CNN Plugs Study Showing Partisan Divide Causes Confusion about Economy

January 26 - ABCs Lisa Stark Goes After Oil Profits

January 25 - In Depth Report on Detroits Woes Skirts Heavy Union Costs

January 25 -- BusinessWeek on how outsourcing benefits the economy; Lou Dobbs takes erroneous outrage on the road; CNN on Hollywood stars vs. Wall Street execs.

January 24 - Newscasts Overlook Fords Costly Severance Programs

January 23 - CNNs Dobbs Blames Free Trade, Non-Union Labor for Fords Woes

January 20 - Whos Worth More?

January 18 - Nightly News Features Critic, But No Defenders of Corporate Pay

January 18 - Pension Promises: the Death of the American Dream?

January 18 - Own Your Own Retirement

January 18 -- NY Times on how realtors lock the doors of competition from banks and online brokers; Dobbs sees Red over Chinese cars in American showrooms; Reporters jump to conclusions on frog extinction from single study.

January 12 - Lou Dobbs Plays Paul Revere over Chinese Cars

January 11 - Media Quick to Blame Industry for Mining Tragedy

January 11 - Post finds banks bending over backwards; Media ride Willie Nelsons (biodiesel) bandwagon; CNN anchor vows to throw himself in front of a bus.

January 9 - In the Money Crew Rams Viewers Like a Bus With anti-Banking Bias

January 4 - CBS Passes Off Coal Critic as Dispassionate Expert


December 29 - Post Calls Left-Wing Organization a Consumer Group

December 23 - Networks Dump Coal on Wal-Marts Christmas

December 14 - Herman Cain: A Whale of a Tale

December 14 - The Medias Top 10 Economic Myths of 2005

December 9 - Syriana: Realism or a Left-Wing Assault on Oil?

December 9 - Papers Spin Scuffle over Study Data into Knockout for Merck Opponents

December 8 - Coverage of Wal-Mart Movies Lopsided

December 7 - SpongeBob SquarePants Is the Next Joe Camel?

November 29 - Business Week Highlights 50 Most Generous Philanthropists

November 18 - $4B Tax a Hill of Beans to CNNs Serwer

November 18 - Amy Menefee: Wal-Mart: The High Cost of Low Price

November 16 - CNNs Serwer Hopes Senate Has Fortitude to Pass Oil Tax

November 14 - CNN Barks up Wrong Tree on Oil Profits

November 10 - Whos Profiteering Now?

November 9 - NPR goes free market?; If its economic news, it must be bad; Sheriff Dobbs in Sherwood Forest.

November 8 - Anti-Wal-Mart Movie Presses Forward

November 8 - Dobbs Takes Aim at Oil Companies

November 2 - Fueling Outrage

November 1 - Herman Cain: Punishing Profits

October 28 - Media in a Frenzy over Oil Profits

October 27 - Today Hits an Anti-Corporate Gusher

October 26 - A regular story with a premium result; have a blue Christmas; and the silly side of CNN

October 26 - Dan Gainor: Attack on Avian Flu Drug Patent a Major Threat

October 24 - CNNs In the Money Team Loves Jabs at Wal-Mart

October 20 - CNN Calls Legal Reform Silly

October 12 - Good guy lawyers; 60 Minutes goes off track on NASCAR; and the media overestimate job losses from Katrina.

October 11 - Media Chip Away at Insurances Rock Solid Coverage

October 10 - CBS Off Track With NASCAR Comments

October 7 - Dont Buy the Intolerance of Some Lactose Intolerants

October 6 - Fannie Mae Scandal Grows and Networks Do Nothing

October 5 - Compassion over Contracts

October 5 - A Fortune in business coverage and intelligent ways to cut poverty; predictable reactions to the childhood food pyramid; and misinterpreting a global warming study.

October 4 - Times Joins the Anti-Corporate Bandwagon

September 28 - Charles Simpson: High Tide In Mississippi

September 28 - Climate change and dangerous looters in D.C.; doctors who dare to work with medical device companies; and more on those "evil" drug firms.

September 27 - ABC Discovers a New Gateway Drug for Kids: Caffeine

September 26 - U.S. vs. Oil Refiners: Are Profits Justified?

September 22 - Times Claims Climate of Secrecy Adds to Medical Costs

September 21 - The New York Times shows businesses arent all bad; Lou Dobbs reminds viewers that its good to open a history book; and Newsweeks Jonathan Alter spins statistics about poverty.

September 20 - A Tough Pill to Swallow

September 14 - A Flood of Incomplete Insurance Coverage

September 14 - Gary Wolfram: Econ 101: The Price of Recovery

September 14 - How businesses handle a disaster; how a network can use a disaster to make a political point; and, attacking a drug company for being responsible.

September 12 - CBS Attacks Amgen for Not Distributing Drug

September 9 - David Goodnow: The Media Spin: The Gatekeepers

September 7 - A rare, fair view of Wal-Mart; more hype about global warming and hurricanes; and, of course, more bad gas reporting.

September 7 - Herman Cain: The Business of Rebuilding

September 7 - The Understatement of American Generosity

August 31 - USA Today Downplays Its Own Explanation of Health Care Costs

August 29 - One-Sided View of Housing Bubbles to Surface

August 24 - Gary Wolfram: Econ 101: Are Housing Prices Too High?

August 24 - Networks Send Plaintiffs Message to Drugmakers

August 23 - AARP vs. the Free Market on Drug Prices

August 18 - Obesity Battle Pops Up Again

August 11 - Times Relies on Food Police for Comment on Healthier Products

August 10 - CBS Delivers A Steady Diet Of One-Sided Coverage

August 9 - Media Find Current TV Electrifying

August 2 - Atkins Bankruptcy Stories on Low-Substance Diet

July 29 - CBS Boosts Rocket Makers

July 26 - NBC Weighs In Against Businesses

July 18 - CBS dares to criticize business ethics of other companies

July 14 - Food Police Crack Down on Soda

June 29 - Animal Rights Group Lawsuit Milks Media Coverage

June 28 - CBS Continues Coverage of Alleged Viagra Link to Blindness

June 23 - ABC Reports: Breakfast is Controversial

June 20 - Post Spins History to Attack Business

June 14 - WSJ Attacks Exxon for Not Losing Money on New Energy Sources

June 10 - Is Greenspan Wary of Housing Problems?

June 9 - Networks Not Lovin McDonalds Efforts

May 31 - Article Treats Wal-Mart Critics as Labor Experts

May 26 - Bubble, Boom or Bust?

May 19 - Payday at CBS: 60 Minutes Cashes in on Another Business Attack

April 18 - Super Size Me Star Continues Anti-Food Attack

April 13 - CBS Plays the Victim Card and Takes It to the Bank

April 4 - Government-Sponsored Enron: Billion-Dollar Scandal Not Ready for Prime Time

April 1 - Networks Hound Burger King for Launching Enormous Sandwich

March 30 - CBS Evening News Wakes Up to Find Non-profit Gets Funding

March 9 - 60 Minutes Describes Video Game as a Killer Application

March 9 - Media Continue to Attack Drug Companies with Misinformation

March 1 - Media Malpractice: Journalists Ignoring Tort Reform to Report One-Sided Stories Against Business

February 28 - ABC Promotes Times Pact with Left-Wing Advocacy Group

February 4 - Legal Analyst Undercuts Tort Reform Debate

January 24 - Scott Hogenson: Left-Wing Activists and Corporate America


September 23 - Dan Gainor: Patience, Hell, Lets Sue Somebody

August 20 - Dan Gainor: Attack on Drug Industry Urges Even More Regulation